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News & Events Review
Piteelu Choadaiah memorial Concert 19.1.18

DHANURVAINIKA BRAHMA Awarded to Dr.A.kanyakumari

On 19.1.18 Friday was Piteelu Chowdaiah Samsmarana Day. Dr.Avasarala Kanyakumari the leading & Veteran Violinist was awarded DHANURVAINIKA BRAHMA title in honour of the legendary Violinist Piteelu Chowdaiah on the 52 Punya Tithi. Family Members of  the Chowdaiah family did the honours.SubsequentlyShe entertained the audience with Violin Solo Performance being accompanied by Sai Rakshith on Violin,Arjun Kumar on Mridanga & G. Guruprasanna on Khanjira.. Her playing has a magical touch.She is quite creative in her aproach.If she had desisted using pick up for the Violin it would have been more melodious.She started her concert with Chalamela Natakuranji Varna.Then she enthralled the audience with evergreen Vatapi Ganapatim of Dixitar in Raga Hamsadwani,which showed the Mastery  over the instrumeent.This followed Tyagaraja's two Compositions Krupajuchutaku in Chaya Tarangini and Pancharatna Kriti JagadanandaKaraka in Nata.After a breif alapana she played Sri Varalakshmi in Shree Raga composed by Dixitar followed by a detailed Harikamboji to play Tyagaraja's Dinamani Vamsha. She continued with three short kritis Tyagaraja's Rti Yochanalu in Kiranavali, Anniti Painunnatlu of Annamacharya in Raga Narayanadri her own creation & Vasudevacharua's Idi Samayamura in Natakapriya.Main item of the day was yet another Evergreen Composition of Tyagaraja Nagumomu in Abheri.The Concluding Tanyavartana by Arjun Kumar & Guruprasanna also drew the attention. On the post main she played  & kept the audience glued with very fine rendering ofPurandara dasa's Karedaru Barabarade in Shivaranjani,Pibare Ramarasam of Sadasiva Brahmendra in Ahir Bhairav, a very different Krishna nee in YamanKalyani,SindhuBhairavi Tillana,her own composition & venkatachala Nilayam again in Sindhu Bhairavi to Conclude with BhagyadaLakshmi.Programme is an endowment by Piteelu Chowdaiah samsmarana Vedike convened by Sri.M.H.AnandKumar,Smt.Mayura & Srii M.A.Chandankumar. 

Smt.Shanta Narasimham Memorial concert on 18.1.18

An Evening of Melody

On 18 th of January, Malladi Brothers Sriramprasad and Ravi Kumar sang for Nadabrahma Sangeeta Sabha. They were accompanied on violin by H.N.BHaskar, on mrdangam by Tumkur B.Ravishankar and on Ghatam by G.S.Ramanujam.

Born with a legacy accrued through their grand father late Malladi sri Rammurty and their father Malladi Suri Babu, Malladi brothers possess a large repertoire of Karnatik compositions.  The rare Varna in Asaveri ‘Jalajakshi’ was an energetic presentation. ‘Vande Nishamaham’ by Mysuru Vasudevacharya was noted for their synchronized voices.  The swaras developed for ‘Bhasamana’ had a rare tinge of novelty. ‘Brihadambikayai Namaste’ by Deekshitar in Mishra Chapu brought out the essence of Vasanta in its rendition and Swaras.

Kannada Gowla is a raga hardly taken for detailed rendition in a concert. Ravi Kumar essayed the raga beautifully and proved that though some ragas are branded as ‘the ones not with enough scope for elaboration’, they can be elaborated if the vocalist has the caliber to do so. In the presentation of Tyagaraja’s ‘Sogasu juda tarama’, Sri Ramprasad explained how Tyagaraja glorifies the beauty of Rama in the composition- His face shining with glossy cheeks, his red lips resembling a bimba fruit, His charming smile,  and His forelocks beautifully decorating his face. The simplicity of the sahitya matched every bit by the brilliant rendering of the song. The brothers chose the right tempo for the song laying emphasis on the right words and phrases.  The neraval and swaras for the pallavi were excellent bringing out Raga Bhava with each phrase.

SriRamprasad rendered the VaraLi alapana followed by a rare composition of Tyagaraja- ‘Ne pogadakunte’, which also found an interesting neraval at ‘Neeraja Nayana Sri Tyagaraja charana’. Mysore Sadashiva Rao’s ‘Ninnuvina Gati Naga parula’ in Malahamsa was rendered with an observation that the brothers also belong to Tyagaraja lineage. The highlight of the concert was Shankarabharana with a distinct and never-heard-before-sancharas-filled alapana by Ravi Kumar. His Alapana was a harmonious blend of  known, must & should sancharas and rare ones, giving the listener a feeling of gratification. Deekshitar’s not-so-frequently sung ‘Dakshina Murte’ in Mishra jhampe was rendered with majesty suffixed by mathematical swaras at the pallavi.

Bhaskar was quick to produce any complicated phrase sung by the brothers. Tumkur Ravishankar and G.S.Ramanujam’s erudite scholarship in laya intricacies came to fore in the taniyavartanam. In the post tani part the brothers presented the very beautiful ‘Paluku tenela talli’ by Annamacharya in Abheri, Devaranama ‘Venkatesha Daya MAdo’ in Shahana by Sri Purandaradasa and ‘Madhava Mamava’ in Neelambari by Sri Narayana Teerthar..

The  endowment programme was sponsored by Smt.Seetha vatsalchari

                                                                                                                                Dr Padmavathi Narasimhan.

D.V.S.Acharya Memorial Programme 29.12.17.

On 29.12.17, Friday evening at 6PM  Sowmy Govind Naidu from Quatar alongwith Dr.LakshmiRekha Arun & Maitreyi  from Bengaluru presented a unique BharathaNatya. The only commonness was that all three are students of Dr.Vasundhara Doreswamy. All the three were Dancing together for the first time. Sowmya was Performing almost after 7 years & other two also not too regular performers.All three had grace in their Dancing,movements were smooth with good Abhinaya.They started with the Traditional MelaPrapti . The efforts of the performers & moreso the comittment of Guru Dr.Vasundhara who choreographed all Dances from the Hospital ward in a couple of days is really commendable.Ultimately during the performance they gave the impression of a senior,regular performer.The live music added to the enjoyment.

It was an endowment Programmeby Smt.Leela Acharya in Memory of Sri.D.V.S.Acharya.

Dr.A.K.Gopalarajan Memorial Nadabrahma Sabha Annual day .7.1.18

A Delightful concert

Nadabrahma Sangeeta Sabha, mysore confers the title ‘Nadabrahma’ on a senior musician every year on the day of its anniversary in memory of Dr A.K.Gopalarajan. Senior violinist and highly accomplished teacher of the city H.K.Narasimha Murty is the recipient of this award this year. He was conferred the Title ‘Nadabrahma’ on 7th January.  Srikanth Radhakrishnan who bagged the first prize in the Nadakishorotsava this year was also honored with the Title ‘Nadakishora’.   The 2nd prize to Anjana P Rao,3rd Prize to Kavana Hegde,Best violinist to Srikanth & Best Mridangist to Nikshit were also distributed by Dr.Shivanna,Dr.C.G.Narasimhan & Dr.C.B.Murthy  on behalf of Doctors Fraternity who are the sponsorers .

On the occasion HKN, as he is popularly known, presented a violin concert with his son H.N.Bhaskar and grand daughter Prithvi Bhaskar. The trio from the Parur School enchanted the audience with a variety of compositions.

The varna in Saranga by Tiruvottiyur Tyagayyar set the tone and spirit of the concert. The trio’s  play- style with the touch of vocalism kept the right mood of the compositions throughout the concert. Pleasant swaras were developed to Girija Ramana (Gambhira Nata, Adi tala, Mysore Vasudevachar). 

Prithvi, a young promising girl presented the raga Gowri Manohari melodiously. Nurtured by her grand parents, She has imbibed the style of her grandfather in her bowing. ‘Guruleka ituvanti’ by TYagaraja found swaras to the last part of the charana alternately by each of the three artistes. Mysuru Vasudevachar’s ‘Devi kamalambe’ in Garuda dhwani  is an impressive composition with the influence of western music, the presentation of which set a lively mood in the auditorium. HKN’s mohana, though short, was full of the branded phrases characteristic of the raga. and TYagaraja’s ‘Dayarani’ brought memories of MSG. HKN also played kanada alapana followed by ‘Mamava Sada janani’ by Swati Tirunal. The highlight of the evening was the RTP in Hemavati. Bhaskar essayed the  raga in a serene manner highlighting the richness of the raga bhava. The tana was rendered with fine appeal by the father and son. The pallavi ‘ Neerajakshi kamakshi Neerada Chikure Tripure raksha maam’ set to Khanda Triputa tala projected the all round manodharma talent of the trio. Ragamalika swaras in Hindola, Kapi, Nalinakanti and in rare ragas like Ratipatipriya and Bhavani pleased the audience.

G.S.Ramanujam provided excellent support to the trio. His tani with Guruprasanna was atreat of mathematically intricate laya patterns. The concert was concluded with Swati Tirunal’s ‘Vishweshwara Darushana kar’ in Sindhubhairavi.

Dr Padmavathi Narasimhan.

2015 © Nadabrahma Sangeetha Sabha
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