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News & Events Review
Smt.Indiradevi Praphullachandra Memorial concert on 11.3.18

Smt Indiradevi Praphullachandra Memorial concert on 11.3.18 was presented by the versatile multifaceted artiste M.D.Pallavi through her Hindustani Vocal concert.Pallavi whohas a as versatile a voice asher versatile talents can sing at any octave comfortably.But on the day she was more on high octave. she started with a khyal in Madhumad Sarang which was well received settling her voice.Then she sang a Bandish in Hamsaadwani to continue with another Bandish in Desh.The programme was a Hindustani classical in the first half to Continue with light classicals in the second half.Accordingly she sang Basavanna's Vachana Madakeya Maduvade in Charukesi .Next was Muyyinolage by Ningamma in Basanth Bahar.The next one was popular Tarkka Bindige,but she sang in Raga Khambavati.Then was the very popular in light music circles Amma Nanu in Desh which is the Kannada Version of Surdas's Mai Naahi Maakhan Khayo.contrary to the audience expectations for few more Vachanas she took up a Bandish in Raag Bahar. She concluded with AkkaMahadevi's Bittenendare Bidadi Maye in Raag Bhatiyar.She was well supported by Gurumurthy Vaidya on Tabla and Rohith Bharadwaj on Harmonium. The endowment is instituted by Sri Veerappa .Praphullachandra.

Smt.Gunamba Nanjaraje Urs Memorial concert on 10.3.18

Gunamba nanjaraje Urs Memorial concert

The Veteran Koviladi R.Kala alongwith her talented Daughter L.Archana presented a delightful vocal concert on 10.3.18.Eventhough the Voice of kala was troubling often, archana made it more than required to present a overall good concert.Starting with Veena Kuppier's Inta Chalamu in Begade which is very catchy,Continued with Purandara's Jaya Jaya in Nata which always gives  a lift. Kala showed her maturity while detailing Nayaki and presenting Dixitar's Ranganayakam Bhavaye and again developing simhendra Madhyama was creative Vasudevacharya's Kriti Ninne Nammitinayya was excellant with good swara prastaras by the duo.Bandu Ninta Kanna Munde composed by Vijaya  Vittala dasa was a warmer for the main RTP in Thodi where Every artist on the stage excelled in their own rights.Be it the Alapana portions by Kala and Archana, with equal support with nice melodious sancharas by R.Achyuta Rao on Violin and a very good following and a unique Tanyavartana by G.S.Ramanujan and C.A.Raghunandana Rao. The programme concluded with the lullabi Toogire Ramgana of Purandara in Mohana,preceded with Eddu Barutare of Jagannnatha Dasa in Pilu and Purandaras Nanda Tanaya in Bhimplas.

Programme is an endowment by Sri Hari Nanjaraje Urs in Memory of his Mother smt.Gunamba Nanjaraje Urs.

T.V.Alamelu Memorial concert on 11.2.18

Refreshing Vocal

on 11.2.18 sunday N.Srinath a very talented vocalist from Mysore Sang for T.V.Alamelu Birthday memorial concert sponsored by Dr.Meera Nathan. He was ably accompanied by seasoned Veena Suresh on Violin,Phanindra Bhaskar on Mridanga & Vikram Bharadwaj on Ghata. Srinath has the Voice which could be stable in all three octaves & the stuff.He definitely deserves more opportunities by reputed sabhas.He started the concert with traditional Viriboni Varna of AdiAppaiah in Bhairavi.Next he sang Vasudevacharya's Pranamamyaham in Gaula to continue with a refreshing Sri Raghukula Mandu in Hamsadwani of Tyagaraja. After afine development of Kharaharapriya he tookn up RamaNee Sama of Tyagaraja & executed well.Next was a Kriti by GNB Saraswati Namostute in Raga Saraswati with Typical GNB birghas.After a very short alapane in Ananda Bhairavi he presented SyamaSastry's Marivere very Briefly.When he took up Rama Mantarava Japiso In Jonpuri & Tyagarajas Brova Bharama in Bahudari in short spells gave a feeling that he is shortclosing the concert.That was not to be He presented a very detailed & Justifiable RTP in ShanmukhaPriya through which he gave the insight into his merit.He concluded the concert with a kanakadasa kriti Isha Ninna Charanake in Vasanti with full devotion.Listeners enjoyed a good music.

B.M.Subbanna Memorial concert on10.2.18

Music of yester years

Whenever Hemmige Prashanth performs he takes the audience close to the music of Palghat K.V.Narayanaswamy with his comfortably paced rendition with immaculate Neravals and imaginative Kalpana Swaras.On 10 .2.18 Saturday he presented one such Katcheri at Nadabrahma Sabha to the total satisfaction of the listeners.He was accompanied by seasoned seniors Like TKVR.Charlu on Violin who plays absolutely to the Manodharma of the Main artist and the enviable mridangam wizard Canada based Trichy Sankaran who is available in India only between December to Mid Febraury and the ever energetic G.Guruprasanna on Khanjira. Prashanth Started with a Kamboji Varna Sarasijanabha of Vadivelu in a slow and meditative mood to Continue with Tyagaraja's Janaki Ramana in Shudha Bangala.after a brief raga in Saranga he presented Dixitar's Arunachalanathar.Further hepicked up Ananda Bhairavi for Development of Raga very Neatly to present Syama Satry's popular Kriti MarivereGati with beatiful Neraval. Paramatmudu velige in Vagadeeswari of tyagaraja took the audience to a trance.Another Kriti of Tyagaraja  in Kannada Gaula Orajupuju was a prelude to the main item of the day which reached  the pinnacle be it the methodical development of raga Saveri, rendition of a kriti by Dixitar Sri Rajagopala Bala which is not very frequently heard the very intricate swara prastara to be culminnated in a spiritted Tanyavartana by sankaran Mama & Guruprasanna.Post main were usual tit bits like a devaranama Hari Hara Ninnanu in Sindhu Bhairavi,M.D.Ramanathan's Khira sagara Shayana Vibho in Bhagesri,Javali Marubari in Khamach to be concluded by a Tillana in Bilahari.Overall it was a very matured concert.The endowment programme in Memory of B.M.Subbanna is instituted by B.M.Subbanna Foundation.

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