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Event Date : 01 Jul 2018
Event Time: 05:30 pm
Program : M.R.Venkata Dasappa & Lakshmamma Memorial concert sponsored by Sri.M.V.Ramachandra Rao


Vid.C.N.Srinivasa Murthy-Violin

Vid.Sai Shiva Lakshmi Keshav-Mridanga



Vid. Shobha M.A. hails from Mysore. She started her training in Carnatic classical music at the age of 5 and successfully completed the Junior, Senior and Vidwath exams,  under the guidence of Vid.K.R.Venkatesh, Hassan. Later continued her advanced training with Dr.R.N. Srilatha, Mysore and at present with Karnataka Kalashree Thirumale Srinivas, Bangalore.

Being a B-High graded artist at All India Radio, she has given many performances throughout the state. She has represented her college, University and the district many times. She has won prizes at the State Level Classical Music competitions held by ‘Karnataka Youth and Culture Department’.  She has represented the state at the Youth Festival held at Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, organised by ‘South Central Cultural Zone’. 

Also, she has performed at various TV channels such as Doordarshan Chandana, Udaya, etc.Having her Degree in Engineering from Malnad College of Engineering, and an IT proffessional, served in different countries, she is also a Yoga professional who is conducting classes for many yoga enthusiasts. 

Event Date : 29 Jun 2018
Event Time: 06:00 pm
Program : Sangita kalanidhi T.R.Mahalingam Memorial concert


Veena Suresh-Violin

H.L.Shivashankara Swamy-Mridanga



Hemmige Srinivasa Murthy Venugopal had his initial training under Vid. A V Prakash in Mysore and later under Vid. M S Srinivasa Murthy in Bangalore. He has the very rare recognition of a performer as both a solo performer and as an accompanying artist for over 35 years now. As a solo performer, he has performed extensively in many of the major sabhas of the state, country and abroad.He has also performed for AIR, Doordarshan and other popular TV channels 

And as an accompanying artist, he has accompanied most of the reputed artists in various dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Mohini Attam, Kathakali, Kuchupudi, Yakshagana, Kavyavachana etc. 

He has composed music for many dance ballets, devotional music albums.  and organized music for many dramas including the ‘Mandhra’ 'Yegdagella aithe', 'Santha saakshaathkaara' to name a few.

He has many awards and titles to his credit. Venugopal runs a music school called ‘Gokulam School of Music’ in Bangalore and has the credit of having been training numerous disciples, some of them who are leading performing artists today.

The annual dawn to dusk cultural extravaganza 'Kalaarnava' organized by HSV has won the hearts of many art lovers and has become one of the most celebrated music festivals in town.

Programme is sponsored by Sri Tyagaraja Sangita Sabha,Mysore.

Event Date : 23 Jun 2018
Event Time: 06:00 pm
Program : Sri T.V.Srinivasan Memorial concert sponsored by Smt & Sri Nagarajan Srinivasan


Vidu.Nalina Mohan-Violin




Vidwan S.Shankar (born 1950) is a senior  karnatic vocalist, Guru and a trendsetter.He started learning under his mother Smt.Rajamma Sastry and also Smt.Nagarathna bai & Smt Vallabham Kalyana sundaram. A performer for more than four decades, he is an ‘a top’ grade artist of A.I.R & Doordarshan.He won the first prize in A.I.R. competition in 1973,

A very creative S.Shankar has performed all over the country and at many places in the U.S. He has conducted music workshops at Bharatiya vidya bhavan in London & has performed at the venue too.. He has performed jugal bandhi concerts with Hindustani vocalists.He is known for thematic concerts which are educative as well appreciated by the connoiseurs.He is endowed with a sturdy voice & his rendering of raga is mellifluous & enthralling. His repertoire consists of the compositions of the trinity, Swathi Thirunal, Patnam Subrahmanya iyer, Jayachamarajendra wodeyer, Mysore vasudevachar, Mayuram Vishwanatha Sastry, Papanasam sivan, D.V.Gundappa, Padmacharan & Haidasas.His rendering of slokas is unique.

He participated in the national programme of music over A.I.R. And D.D. In 1998 & 2007 and also in the Radio Sangeetha Sammelan in 1992 and 2004 at Mumbai.

Best Musician Award by the Bangalore Gayana Samaj & the Best young musician award by The Music Academy, Chennai.  and Sangita Vidyanidhi from J.S.S.Sangita sabha Conference

He has a number of cassettes / CDs to his credit. He has directed music for musical features, Documentaries & Dramas on A.I.R & D.D.

Event Date : 31 May 2018
Event Time: 06:00 pm
Program : Sangita Kalanidhi T.R.Mahalingam Samsmarana Day

Venu Brahma to Sri G.RajNarayan

Venu Concert by Shantala subrahmanyam


Tiruvidaimarudur Ramaswamy Mahalingam (6 November 1926 – 31 May 1986) affectionately known as Mali, was a flautist who revolutionised the style of flute-playing in Carnatic music.  TRM was born  to Ramaswami Iyer and Brahadambal.  started learning singing music from his maternal uncle Jalra Gopala Iyer . At age five, he observed other boys playing the flute and secretly, against his father's wishes, he picked up a flute and learnt to play, in three speeds, the Viriboni Varnam in Bhairavi raga entirely by himself. As a boy, T.R. Mahalingam had the ability to play any song he heard after listening to it only once. As such, he quickly advanced through his music training.

Mali was the founder of the popular style of flute playing followed today by the Carnatic flautists. Before Mali, the style of flute playing was called Sarabha Sastri style, popularised by Sarabha Sastri's disciple, Palladam Sanjiva Rao, and did not have any gamakas and involved playing the flute in discrete bursts. T.R. Mahalingam had breath control that enabled him to blow any single note over 40 seconds. This breath control let Mali give great volume to the lower octaves as well as the higher octaves. Mali introduced new fingering techniques, and a grip on the flute that came to be known as the "parrot clutch or the cross-fingering style ", allowing greater control.His style of continuous flute playing provided gamakas, and an ability to better imitate the human voice. In Carnatic music, instrumental music seeks to emulate vocal singing which is considered the ideal, and it was only with Mali's style did all the nuances of Carnatic music become possible to be expressed on the flute.Mali's techniques came into greater prominence under Dindigul SP Natarajan T.S.Sankaran, N. Ramani, B.N.Suresh, N. Kesi 

T.R. Mahalingam's technique also led to a redesign of the bamboo flute: He made his flute reeds thicker and the holes smaller- producing a warm, rich tone. Also, unlike others before him, Mali drilled eight holes in the flute. "It was the eighth and extra hole that helped provide Mali with the extraordinary control he had on the instrument."

His first concert was in 1933 at the Thyagaraja festival in Mylapore, at the age of seven.At the concert, two stalwarts in the audience, Parur Sundaram Iyer and Musiri Subramania Iyer, were so impressed that they left the concert to bring ponnadai (shawls) to drape around the boy's shoulders, a great honour usually reserved for Carnatic music veterans.  within a very short time, Mali was being accompanied by some of the best accompanists in the realm, including Chowdiah, Papa K.S. Venkataramaiah, Kumbhakonam Azhagianambi Pillai, and Tanjor Vaidyanatha Iyer. Later in his career, he worked with the legendary Palghat Mani Iyer and Palani Subramaniam Pillai. 

"When Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer was asked to list the great geniuses of Carnatic music, he thought of only three names: T.R. Mahalingam, T.N. Rajarathnam Pillai and Palghat Mani Iyer. That Mali came first to the mind of the aging grandsire of music spoke eloquently of his unquestioned virtuosity on the flute.

Mali mentioned many times that he did not care for any praise or awards for his music, ideals that he upheld to the very end. Shortly before his death, he was awarded India's highly prestigious Padma Bhushan for music in January 1986, which he flatly refused.

After moving to Bangalore in 1955, he went to seclusion in 1958, playing very infrequently. From 1980 to 1985 he lived in the United States, with his wife. In 1985, T.R. Mahalingam decided to return to India, and after a short time in Bangalore, he died of a cerebral haemorrhage in 1986 at the age of 59. leaving behind him an indelible mark that changed the face of Carnatic music on the flute forever.

Event Date : 31 May 2018
Event Time: 06:00 pm
Program : Sangita Kalanidhi T.R.Mahalingam Samsmarana concert

Shantala Subrahmanyam-Flute

 Aditi KrishnaPrakash -Violin

K.U.Jayachandra Rao-Mridanga

Bhargava Halambi-Khanjira


Shantala Subramanyam born in Bangalore,  She plays the venu, a carnatic bamboo flute, and it’s an instrument with a warm sonority not unlike the traditional wood flute. Like many Carnatic musicians, Shantala started playing in early childhood under the tutelage of her father M N Subramanyam, and her brother Shashank, an eminent flute artist.

It was also her good fortune to be trained by eminent performers - vocalist Late Sri. Vairamangalam Lakshminarayanan and is currently pursuing vocal music training under Sri O.S.Thyagarajan and Sri T V Gopalakrishanan. 

Owing to her diligent training and hard training, Shantala has been highly appreciated for her melodic presentations combined with complex rhythmic patterns. 

Shantala has has graced the stages of many reputed organizations and, in recent years is a frequent visitor to Europe, USA, Canada, England, Ireland and Malaysia for concerts, workshops and lec-dems. She has given master classes in Carnatic music and rhythms in Goteborg University, Music Academy OSLO, Royal College of Music – Stockholm, 

Shantala is also a well sought after teacher. She has been imparting training in South Indian vocal music, flute playing and reciting kunakkol [vocal rhythm] to scores of students from India and across the globe.

Programme is an endowment by Flute Mali Samsmarana Vedike
Event Date : 31 May 2018
Event Time: 06:00 pm
Program : Sangita Kalanidhi T.R.Mahalingam Samsmarana Programme

Confering VENU BRAHMA Title to sri G.RajNarayan


From tanpura to Jaguar, Raj Narayan’s Radel uses microprocessor digital technology. He was a performing musician, having played the flute at the national level on radio, and had developed an electronic sruthi box. Thus was born his first venture in 1979 — Radel Systems that later became Radel Electronics, which makes electronic Sruthi box, digital tanpura, digital tabla and thalam meter. RajNrayan hailing from a family of musicians, got fascinated by aeronautics as a child and wanted to be an aerospace engineer.

That is G Raj Narayan, who on graduating in electrical engineering from BMS, Bangalore, wanted to do a Master’s from the Indian Institute of Science, but was told by its then director Satish Dhawan that he did not qualify as he was not a rank holder. 

Seeing his enthusiasm, Dhawan suggested that Raj Narayan join the public sector Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). Raj Narayan was in HAL’s design department, but within 10 years he found it frustrating  During his stint at HAL, Raj Narayan also obtained a Master’s in electronics from IIT-Madras. 

With his exposure to electronics and of integrated circuits and miniaturised high-reliability design Raj Narayan realised he had to branch out into a commercial consumer-oriented industry, It is this business that  also helped him branch out into making aircraft parts for the Defence sector. All the products were designed in-house by him.  As the business grew, Radel started recruiting engineers and training them.The engineers,  could not relate to the work they were doing as most of them did not have a background in music. Even though the instruments adopted embedded software design and applications, it did not appeal to engineers.Electronic design was his forte and he floated Radel Advanced Technology Pvt Ltd, to tap opportunities in the Defence sector. Both the companies share infrastructure in Bangalore’s Electronics City.

Musicians need to be more tech savvy, says inventor of e-musical instruments.An accomplished flautist, Narayan was attracted to finding an electronic solution to his problems of practising classical Carnatic music at home in 1970.

This resulted in the development of his first home built electronic Sruthi box, which was also demonstrated along with the electric veena in 1971.subsequently the Digital Veena sythesizer.A creative Raj Narayan continues abundently for the development of music by creating practically every aid needed by a Musician.

The cash award is sponsored by Sri.H.K.Narasimha Murthy
Event Date : 30 May 2018
Event Time: 06:00 pm
Program : Sangita Kalanidhi T.R.Mahalingam Memorial concerts

Ravichandra Kulur-Flute


K.U.Jayachandra Rao-Mridanga



Ravichandra Kulur was initiated into Carnatic classical music at the of six. He initially took up the Mridangam and the Kanjira–South Indian percussion instruments–under the guidance of guru E P Narayana Pishardi.

His father, Professor K Raghavendra Rao, was a respected flutist at the time. Ravi surprised many when he picked up the flute and played it with ease and skill. It appeared that he had inherited his father's ear for music and skill with the flute. Regularly practicing under his father’s guidance, Ravi started performing duets with his father and even held solo concerts

Brought up in an atmosphere of music and the love of melody and rhythm, Ravi attended many concerts and voraciously listened to classical music on tapes. When he wasn’t listening to music or performing, Ravi would spend hours practicing . During his days at college, Ravi developed a keen interest in other forms of music, experimenting with fusion and world music and discovering Jazz and broadening his knowledge of classical music to include Hindustani classical as well as Carnatic.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Ravi worked for few years all the while nurturing his classical flute-playing and in 1999 he decided to take up music professionally.  His powerful blow, clarity of individual notes and high-paced fingering techniques are his forte and have been widely regarded with appreciation by music-lovers and critics alike.

Ravi has developed a unique style of playing the flute and plays rare South Indian ragas in complicated rhythmic cycles. His playing field also includes the Bansuri (North Indian flute), western flute and the wind midi controller, Kanjira and vocal percussions No wonder he has been recognised & invited by legenderies. like Pandit Ravi Shankar  to join him for the upcoming concerts titled“Festival of India III” in the year 2005-06. He has extensively toured USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland for his Solo, Duets, Fusion, Jazz concerts and Dance productions.

Ravi is an ‘A’ graded flutist from AIR & Doordarshan 

Programme is sponsored by Sri Tyagaraja Sangita Sabha,Mysore.

Event Date : 28 May 2018
Event Time: 06:00 pm
Program : Sangita Kalanidhi Mysore.K.Vasudevacharya Memorial programme 28.5.18

Dr.Vasundara Doraswamy And Party-BharathaNatyam



Vasundhara Doraswamy (born 1949) is the Founder/Director of Vasundhara Performing Arts Centre, Mysore (India). She is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer and respected guru who has contributed to the art form for the past four and half decades at the highest level. 

Born in Moodabidri, to  P. Nagaraj and Smt.Varada Devi, Vasundhara made her acquaintance with Bharatanatyam at the tender age of 4 under the guidance of Muralidhar Rao and won a gold medal at the age of 5 at the state level competition. which highlighted her potential and prompted her parents to seek out the supervision of Late ShriRajaratnamPillai the student of Pandanallur Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai, who continued in the role of her Guru. Vasundhara, through her dedicated training claimed 1st rank in Vidwath Examination conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Board and claimed three consecutive gold medals. She was married to Late Sri H.S. Doraswamy  and has a son who lives in Australia with her daughter-in-law Meghala Hirasave continuing in her tradition.

In 1988 Vasundhara earned a Ph D for her study on the correlation between Yoga and Bharatanatyam.She holds a post-graduate degree in Folklore and is a consummate exponent of the martial arts of ‘Tang-ta’ and ‘Kalarippayattu’  Dr Vasundhara has released a Treatise on the correlation of Yoga and Dance called "Natya Yoga Darshana".

Dr Vasundhara was honoured with “Natya Rani Shantala” Award -The highest State Award for Dance by the Karnataka State Natya Jyothi -Australia and Artist of the Millennium Award ,USA, just to name a few. An A-Graded Artist in Doordarshan

She is the only Bharatanatyam danseuse to have been invited from India to perform for ‘WORLD PEACE’ conference in Paris under aegis of UNESCO before an audience of 2500 representing 137 countries.

Dr Vasundhara gained her initial training in Pandanallur Style of Bharathanatyam. What inspired Dr Vasundhara to experiment with the boundaries of the classical dance of Bharatanatyam was supposed to have been her strong footing in Yoga and experience of martial arts,  all within the traditional framework, have led to a unique footprint that is today identified as “Vasundhara Style”. 

Programme is an endowment by SriK.V.Murthy

Event Date : 27 May 2018
Event Time: 05:30 pm

Yoga Vandana-Veena


Vikram Bharadwaj-Ghata


Yoga Vandana was born and brought up in a rich and cultural ambience – both musical and literary. Her mother Smt. V. Chandrakala, a gifted vocalist, has been a constant source of inspiration. Her father Prof. Veturi Anandamurthy, a Telugu litterateur, who researched extensively on the works of Tallapaka Annamacharya also guided and encouraged her in her musical endeavors. Hailing from such a background, she developed a natural flair for music. Presently residing in Bangalore she continues her Sangeetha Sadhana ably supported by her husband Sri.J.V.Kamesh, himself a connoisseur of music.

Encouraged by learned mentors and her mother, she started her training in vocal music at a very tender age. However, due to a deep fascination she had for the Veena, she commenced her training on that instrument in all earnestness. Having her early lessons in Veena under Smt. Sridevi and Smt. K. Subhashini Shastri, Vandana was subsequently trained by the eminent Veena Maestro Vidwan Sri (Late) V.S. Anantha Rao, Senior Staff Artist of AIR, Hyderabad, belonging to the Vijayanagaram tradition of Andhra Pradesh. She honed her skills under his able tutelage and blossomed into a mature artist. With the blessings of her Gurus and dedicated practice, Vandana has developed a meticulous and traditional technique of Veena rendition. Closely resembling the vocal style, her mellifluous play has drawn wide acclaim in the field of music.

 A TOP Grade artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan she has many laurels to her Credt. She is a regular Member of Sthree Taranga a Musical ensemble exculsively by Ladies Lead by Sukanya Ramgopal.Academically she has a Diploma in Music.Alankar in Music and a post Graduate in Zoology .

Event Date : 26 May 2018
Event Time: 06:00 pm
Program : VEENA GAANA SAMBHRAMA-MJS memorial concert 26&27 May 2018

M.J.Srnivasa Iyengar Birthday memorial concerts


M.J.Srinivasa Iyengar the Veena Maestro was born on 20th May 1924 to Janardhana Iyengar and Janakamma in a tiny village called Magge in Hassan district.  He was an unsung hero but he was highly respected within the music circle.  He belonged to the Veena lineage of Veene Sheshanna, which was carried forth by Veena Venkatagiriyappa.  He was popularly known as MJS.  He imbibed the Mysore Bani under the tutelage of Veena Venkatagiriyappa.  This style paid more attention to exploring the possibilities of the instrument and hence the stress was more on the tantrakari aspect, while MJS judiciously blended the nuances of tantrakari of Mysore Veena bani and the subtieties of Vocal Music.  This made his Veena sound different.  He was the recipient of many awards and accolades.  To name a few Ganakalabhushana, Ganakala Tilaka, Rajyotsava Prashasti, Chowdaiah Memorial ‘Kalajyoti Prashasti’, Ganalaya Samrat ‘Ananya Kala Kausthubha’ Kanaka Purandhara Prashasti and many more.  He has donated all his award money to different institutions and causes.

Programme is an endowment by Students & wellwishers of MJS

By Other Sabha
Event Date : 18 Jan 2015
Event Time: 6:00 pm
Program : Raaga Vaibhava

Ranjani& Gaytri-Party


Ranjani and Gayatri have been performing as a vocal duo for more than a decade. As children, they were initiated into vocal music by their mother Smt. Meenakshi Balasubramanian, from whom they continue to learn and are blessed to have the guidance of their father Shri. N. Balasubramanian, who has not only been a strong support but, an integral part of their life and career. For the last several years they have been under the tutelage of Sangeetha Kala Acharya and veteran musician Shri. P. S. Narayanaswamy. Their deep roots in classical music, along with the intense training that they continue to do, have established them as artists of international repute. They have been
born with strong, malleable voices which continue to win the hearts of listeners, traditional and lay. Each sister has a striking style of the own, yet blends so beautifully with the other. They have total control over
pronunciation and voice modulation that makes their music "bhavam" laden. Ranjani and Gayatri who were sensitive to delicate nuances of Carnatic music even as toddlers, started off learning Carnatic violin from Sangeetha Bhushanam, Prof. T.S. Krishnaswami. They were found to be gifted with a natural aptitude for the instrument which gave them early success with a debut performance within three years of learning. They became established violin artists and started dedicated and arduous vocal training which gave them enduring success in both areas. Recognition was instant and prestigious awards were showered on them. The All India Radio has awarded them an A-Grade in both
violin and vocal music.

Event Date : 25 Jun 2014
Event Time: 6:00 pm
Program : SriRamasevaMandali CharitableTrust





Pranav kikkeri is a young talent from US.He has been nurtured by Sangita samrat Chitraveena.N.Ravikiran. Has a good voice & has imbibed music beyond his age

Event Date : 08 Feb 2014
Event Time: 6:00 pm
Program : RagaVaibhava

VisakaHari&Party-Musical Discourse


A musician basically,Visaka has created a niche for herself by creating the concert in a thematic way by intertwining the music to give a story with some Katha kalakshepa in between thereby integrating Harikatha & Classical music in its best possible blend

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